Resources for Study of Sacred Text

About Sarah Blake LaRose

Sarah Blake LaRose is a freelance writer and a professor of Biblical Hebrew at Anderson University School of Theology in Anderson, Indiana. She is one of three blind academic scholars who received the Jacob Bolotin Award from the National Federation of the Blind in 2016 in recognition of innovative work in the field of access to biblical language texts and tools for people who are blind.

At Night-Light, we believe that sacred text should be accessible to everyone. Material should be in a format that people can read, and instruction should be provided in a manner which everyone can benefit from. People who are blind or who have other special learning needs should not be denied the opportunity to study text or background materials in the original biblical languages. At Night-Light, we educate about options for accessible study of biblical languages for people who are blind. Articles and resources in this area can be found in the site navigation menu under “biblical languages”. We also advocate for the education of students with specialized learning needs (e.g. dyslexia and other learning disabilities). Biblical languages are not for the faint of heart; but they do not necessarily require great intelligence.

The accessibility of sacred text and theological material also means that people should not need to struggle to comprehend the meanings of words in order to study. To that end, at Night-Light we also offer helps for the study of Scripture and theology.

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