Resources for Living and Coping with Blindness

About Sarah Blake LaRose

Sarah Blake LaRose is a freelance writer and a professor of Biblical Hebrew at Anderson University School of Theology in Anderson, Indiana. She is one of three blind academic scholars who received the Jacob Bolotin Award from the National Federation of the Blind in 2016 in recognition of innovative work in the field of access to biblical language texts and tools for people who are blind.

Professionals and laypeople alike often state that blindness is the most feared disability. This may be true for people who still have their sight–and perhaps it is so for people who have recently lost their sight. For those who have been living with blindness since birth or who have adjusted and are accustomed to doing things in different ways, the greatest struggle is not blindness itself but most often the fact that family, friends, and acquaintances continue to fear blindness and do not become acquainted with alternative techniques as equivalent ways of doing things. Thus blind people remain people to be cared for rather than valued colleagues and friends.

Night-Light was formed to encourage, equip, and empower–not only people with disabilities but also people who live in the community. We hope to do this by providing the resources that blind people and their families need while at the same time educating the community in the hope that blindness becomes less a source of fear and successful blind people become potential friends and respected colleagues in their communities.

If you are looking for specific information or would like to suggest a link for one of our resource pages, please contact us and we will assist you if possible.

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